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Welcome to Smanla Guest House

Smanla Guest House

Welcome to the Smanla Guest house in Leh, Ladakh. Accommodation at the guest house consists of 10 double standard rooms, and 3 double deluxe rooms. Each room has ensuite bathroom with shower and hot water. The rooms are situated on two levels and command spectacular views of Leh Palace, and on the southern horizon the famous glacier of Stok Kang Ri.

In addition there is a large restaurant which serves a full range of Continental and Asian cuisines, as well as traditional Ladakhi food made from fresh organic ingredients. Above the restaurant there is a large terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine and views and try one of the large range of special herbal teas from the restaurant. There is also a large spacious room, with wooden polished floor and traditional Ladakhi and Tibetan decor; this room would be ideal for conferences, workshops, seminars, meditation or yoga sessions. Smanla Guest house is run by a Ladakhi family and we will try our best to make you feel at home during your stay in Ladakh.

Smanla Guest House and Tibetan Medicine

Medicinal plants of the Himalayas

Smanla Guest House is run by Tsewang Smanla who is a Ladakhi 'Amchi', which is name for a qualified Tibetan medical doctor. He comes from a family lineage of Tibetan doctors and through the organisation Yuthog Foundation that he founded in 1982 he has continuously worked to develop Amchi practice in Ladakh. At Smanla Guest house there is a small clinic where guests may consult with Amchi Tsewang. The guest house will also host seminars and workshops on Tibetan medicine with the aim of preserving and promoting this vital aspect of Ladakhi culture. Group workshops on Tibetan medicine or Tibetan Herbal medical expeditions can be arranged. Please enquire at the email address below.

Smanla Guest House - Trekking and Tour Arrangements

Trekking in Ladakh

The staff at Smanla Guest House have many years of experience of organising tours and treks throughout Ladakh. Whether you want to spend time visiting monasteries, historical buildings, villages, or trekking through Ladakh's spectacular landscape, we can arrange all the requirements of your travel suited to your particular needs. The following items will give you an idea of the kinds of experience we can offer:

Home stay with a family in the village of Nurla

The village of Nurla is situated 86km west of Leh along the Indus valley. This is the home village of the family who run Smanla Guest house. The village consists of around 35 houses most of which are built in the traditional Ladakhi style of architecture. In the summer, through the skilful use of irrigation using glacial melt water the valley is transformed into an oasis of green fields of barley and wheat along the edge of which are abundant willow, poplar, walnut and apricot trees. The air is fresh with the scent of wild flowers. If you wish a truly authentic experience of the peaceful, tranquil pace of life of Ladakhi village life we can arrange for you to stay with a family in this village.

Home stay with a family in the village of Lamayuru

Lamayuru village where you can stay with a family

If you would like to stay with a Ladakhi family in a rural area, but would prefer to be close to one of Ladakh's famous monasteries, then Smanla Guest house can arrange for you to stay with a family at Lamayuru village. Lamayuru monastery is one of the oldest and most spectacular monasteries in Ladakh and belongs to the Drigung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Please contact us to enquire about room availability or to make a booking and we look foward to seeing you at the Smanla Guest House in Chubi, Leh.

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Tsemo Namygyal monestary above Leh photo by Krayker

Tsemo Namgyal monestary above Leh.